Lauren Bellero


  • Pottery

  • Pit Fired Wall Disc

    Pit Fired Wall Disc

    Hand built, 16''daim x 4''deep

  • Pit Pired Pedestal Disc

    Pit Pired Pedestal Disc

    Hand built with thrown and altered elements. 16'' diam, ~7''h. Cut-in lid.

  • Reconstructed Pit Fired Goddess Mask

    Reconstructed Pit Fired Goddess Mask

    Mask is deliberately broken and the parts are placed throughout the pit for different effects, then reassembled and the seams highlighted.

  • Pit FIred ''Rocker'' Jar

    Pit FIred ''Rocker'' Jar

    Hand built, textured, one of a kind.

  • Pit Fired ''Vulnerables''

    Pit Fired ''Vulnerables''

    ''We all have a shell, some are enhanced for presentation. We try to protect our inner selves, but there is always a way in.''

  • ''Rocker'' Vases with fish

    ''Rocker'' Vases with fish

    Hand built, textured vases with hand painted fish, and multiple sprayed glazes.

  • Large Leaf Bowl

    Large Leaf Bowl

    Individually hand built, textured, food safe. 18'' x 16'' x 7''h.

  • Pitcher, tumblers and bowls sets

    Pitcher, tumblers and bowls sets

    Wheel Thrown. Bowls are altered. Slip trail design. Multiple glazes.

  • Hanging ''Pockets''

    Hanging ''Pockets''

    For: plants, pencils, fresh flowers, matches, basically it's an ''any little thing'' holder!

  • ''Rocker'' Vases

    ''Rocker'' Vases

    Textured, 3 sizes. They totally rock! :)