Brian Jones


  • Painting

  • Captain's Beach

    Captain's Beach

    Created using dazzlingly reflective glass dust infused acrylic paint. Super bright and dynamic. $2,200

  • Marshlands


    36 X 48 inches. This work is silver metallic, but with an organic patina which almost feels like weathered metal. $1800

  • 5 Golden Rings

    5 Golden Rings

    20 X 10 inches Metallic, sculptural presence. Feathery details reveal themselves upon closer examination. Primitive, yet stunningly modern. $300

  • Copper Water

    Copper Water

    48 X 24 inches Metallic layers of pure bright color, interwoven. Never the same painting twice as the light changes throughout the day. $950

  • Dried Hydregnias

    Dried Hydregnias

    Contrasts the life giving qualities of light with the organic process of aging. Available any size.

  • Pink Flowersjpg

    Pink Flowersjpg

    48 X 36 inches Bold metallic pink flowers spring forward from a metallic gold background. $650

  • Lavender


    20X16 inches. Other sizes available. $120

  • Hearts


    Hearts do grow on trees after all. Beautiful detail. Available any size

  • Spectral


    48 X 24 inches Moody and deeply colorful. Medium metallicity. $650

  • My River Shines

    My River Shines

    60 X 48 inches Like a pond this piece is in constant motion, yet is a calming presence. Glass dust infused acrylic paints give this piece tremendous brilliance and brightness. $ 1200