Amy Puccio


  • Sculpture - Relief
    Mixed Media

  • ''Sugar and Spice''

    ''Sugar and Spice''

    Wall Relief Sculpture: 17''H x 13.5''W x 2''D; Wood mosaic, grommets, chain, lock, bike gear wheel, lace, enamel, acrylic - $700

  • ''Art of the Mixtape - Natural Wood''

    ''Art of the Mixtape - Natural Wood''

    Wall Relief Sculpture: 20''h x 18''w x 1.5''d; Wood mosaic, mixed media, acrylic, graphite - $650

  • ''Knock-Knock''


    Wall Relief: 30''H x 50''W x 5''D; Wood mosaic, mixed media, stain - $1500

  • ''Andy's Nuts''

    ''Andy's Nuts''

    Wall Relief Sculpture: 24'' x 24'' x 2''; Wood mosaic, enamel, acrylic - $1400

  • ''Triple Scoop with Chocolate Chip Mint''

    ''Triple Scoop with Chocolate Chip Mint''

    Wall Relief: 18''x8''x1.5''; Wood mosaic, acrylic - $375

  • ''Abstract with Polka Dots''

    ''Abstract with Polka Dots''

    Wall Relief: 17''x16''x4''; Wood mosaic, acrylic - $500

  • ''Red Giraffes in Trees''

    ''Red Giraffes in Trees''

    Wall Relief: 16''H x 14''W x 3''D; Wood mosaic, mixed media, enamel - $625

  • ''Slap on the Wrist''

    ''Slap on the Wrist''

    Wall Relief: 36''x18''x2''; Wood mosaic, mixed media, acrylic - $950

  • ''Record Spacer: Yellow''

    ''Record Spacer: Yellow''

    Wood Relief: 15''x15''x2''; Wood mosaic, acrylic - $600

  • ''Hamsa'' ''Hand of God''

    ''Hamsa'' ''Hand of God''

    Wall Relief: 12 x 12 x 3; wood mosaic, acrylic with engraving - $500