gail winbury


  • Painting
    Mixed Media

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out

    oil, pastel and charcoal, 50x40, 2014

  • untitled


    oil, 50x40, 2016

  • A Gentle Sqeeze

    A Gentle Sqeeze

    oil, 48x38, 2014

  • White Scintillation II

    White Scintillation II

    oil, 40x50, 2014

  • This is Our Space

    This is Our Space

    oil,50x40, 2015

  • Be-bopping Around

    Be-bopping Around

    Oil and vellum, 40x30, 2016

  • Suite for Magic

    Suite for Magic

    Oil and pastel, 30x40

  • Cloud House

    Cloud House

    oil, 50x40, 2015

  • The Space Between

    The Space Between

    oil, 50x40, 2015

  • String Theory

    String Theory

    Oil and silk thread