Jodi DiLiberto


  • New Media

  • Spirit Flight

    Spirit Flight

    A Mandala of Purple Birds in a Spirit Flight

  • Spirit and Nature in Purple

    Spirit and Nature in Purple

    A Purple Mandala Shining through Bamboo

  • Glass Web

    Glass Web

    A green mandala is spun into a delicate glass web.

  • Behold the Dark Night

    Behold the Dark Night

    This is the view of a dark night in winter as I saw it from my bedroom window in vivid, dreamlike blues and greens.

  • Into a Golden Basket

    Into a Golden Basket

    This elaborate golden design of this mandala resembles a woven basket.

  • They're Past Their Prime

    They're Past Their Prime

    Once beautiful red roses are now past their prime. Their flowers hang in weary, faded color.

  • Contemplation in Grey and Blue

    Contemplation in Grey and Blue

    This quiet grey bird is contemplating the still blue day.

  • Sailing the Vortex

    Sailing the Vortex

    A fleet of green ships circle a blue vortex in an azure sea.

  • Splash of Paint

    Splash of Paint

    Green paint splashes out in a geometric pattern.

  • Mandala of Orange Ribbons

    Mandala of Orange Ribbons

    This Mandala is a Starburst of Orange Ribbons.