Kevan Lunney


  • Sculpture - In the Round
    Mixed Media

  • Archeology 14 Enso full 54x48

    Archeology 14 Enso full 54x48

    a warm Enso rises from the darkness, a hopeful symbol of balance. Endings leading to new beginnings.

  • Archeology 24 A Time to Rest 56x64

    Archeology 24 A Time to Rest 56x64

    Linen with paint stitch and metal leaf. readable phrases, say, there is time to rest, We are all afraid, Do what you can.

  • Archeology 26 Time Eclipse  36 x 48

    Archeology 26 Time Eclipse 36 x 48

    linen, paint, metal leaf and stitch, time gallops like a young horse.

  • Archeology 4,  34x17

    Archeology 4, 34x17

    an elegant piece, framed linen, stitch, paint, metal leaf.

  • Archeology 2,  14x14 framed

    Archeology 2, 14x14 framed

    a fragment of a thought in linen, stitch, paint, metal leaf, matted on linen and framed.

  • Archeology 17 Key,  9x9''

    Archeology 17 Key, 9x9''

    A beautifully lacquered box frame, 9x9x3'' with a 5'' composition including a found metal object. One of a set of 20 works.

  • Archeology 28 Connections 12x10x5

    Archeology 28 Connections 12x10x5

    approximately 3500 brass safety pins, each connected to the next. We exist because of connection

  • Archeology 28, Connection,  detail

    Archeology 28, Connection, detail

  • Time, 67 x 105''

    Time, 67 x 105''

    a very large piece, Time flies like a young horse. 4 panels of linen, stitch, paint.

  • Forever 23 x 48''

    Forever 23 x 48''

    linen, paint, stitch and Chinese newspaper, framed.