Lisa Bagwell


  • Mixed Media

  • Bagwell-Lisa-StillLiife


    Made with old coffee cups, styrofoam trays, plastic utensils, paper, party toothpicks.

  • 1_Club Sandwich

    1_Club Sandwich

    Corks, gloves, plastics, shoes, pens, lighters, toothbrushes.

  • Bagwell_L_Great Egret

    Bagwell_L_Great Egret

    Plastic cutlery, yogurt cups, food containers, straws, wood, wire and glue.

  • Bagwell_L_Seaturtle


    Plastic bags, cup lids, six pack rings.

  • Bagwell-Lisa-OneAngrySeahorse


    Various collected items, screws and glue.

  • 2_Sub Sandwich

    2_Sub Sandwich

    Corks, gloves, plastic lids, old sponges, razors, wood.

  • Talktothehand


    Containers, plastics, pill bottles, lids and more!

  • Bagwell_Lisa_Big Head

    Bagwell_Lisa_Big Head

    Plastic containers, lids, straws, bottle caps, cutlery, wire, glue and screws.

  • Bagwell_Lisa_Sitting_Person


    Containers, coffee cups, lids, pens, plastics, everything I had went into this...almost.

  • Cat 2014

    Cat 2014

    Bottle base, sunglasses, lids, plastics, chew toys, phone cord, garter hook, buttons.